Basic question about option trading

I already went to all varsity section regarding options. But for real time trading i am still not able to identify which option should i buy ?

So basically as a option trading what all things i need to check before buying any option?How can nse option chain help here?

what all data i have to take in mind before investing?
Can we create a thread with points so it can be helpful for new traders as learning ? Any points or learning which you want to share is appreciated

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Since you have read varsity, so am assuming you are well aware of Option greeks, Option strategies, etc. So first you need to decide which strategy you are going to execute given the market conditions prevailing at that point in time. You can then look at the LTP, IV, OI, volume and Bid/Ask prices of different strikes from the NSE Option Chain, although it’s a bit static (couple of minutes delay) but still gives a fair idea. Decide which strikes to chose for your strategy by examining their greeks. Once decided, buy/sell the chosen strikes to execute your strategy. You can then monitor your Options positions to adjust them or exit by booking profits/loss or simply let them expire if conditions are suitable.

As you have learn the basics of subject. To start testing the subject start with more liquid stocks and you can trade in Nifty, Bank Nifty options as they are most liquid options.

As market is very volatile I would suggest you to implement options strategy which are direction neutral. Best option to practice is use only 1lot in Nifty and apply option strategies and you will learn a lot about options once you start trading.

Regarding individual stocks it depends on factors like what is trend, results, any negative or positive news etc to decide the option stratergy.