Basket Order for Options - Finally Released On Zerodha!

I don’t think Team Zerodha understands importance of basket orders yet, It is pain in the behind to execute multi leg option strategies like spreads, without technology piece helping us. Due to already low liquidity in FNO markets for most stocks, it is very difficult to get better execution. Team has been promising us for the feature since July. We would like to hear an update on this with a timeline for release. Thanks

It is released yesterday, you can login to your kite web and check in orders menu.

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Thank you!
I just checked it.
Is there any information anywhere about execution? Will that be parallel execution just like normal orders or Zerodha will help customers with sequential execution? i.e. Long first or something helpful?

Also difference between final margin and margin required is

  1. It takes into account hedged benefits for all orders in a basket
  2. It also considers credit received and deducts it from total margin requirement
  3. It also takes care of your existing positions into account when that box is checked and calculates margin after it.
    Is this correct? Is there anything else?

In stock options, if I create a basket with limit orders and one order executes and the other doesn’t and the executed position starts making loss…then?

Then…nothing. You loose money. You must somehow manage it. What else ?