Be frustrated with sebi but don't lose ur money in scams


Topstep trader is a pure gambling…

Better to stick with red tape SEBI and make trading as part time than to lose ur hard earned money in international trading scams

Please read below and many other sites…i will expose many scams like this if i come across

Now, for starters who don’t know what it is, TopstepTrader is an illegitimate prop trading company where naive investors pay hundreds of dollars each month, chasing an increasingly elusive prize.

The worst thing is that TopstepTrader offers nothing more than an opportunity to trade on a simulator. You’re basically paying to play a video game, huh.

So, what’s the idea behind this? To answer this question, we’d need to delve into what TopstepTrader is and what they are currently doing wrong as far as trading is concerned.

TopstepTrader Overview: A bad idea for those who want to make money trading Forex
This company alleges that it will pay a prize to any trader who escapes the hamster wheel a live.




So if you guys are frustrated, we are going to court right?


So basically for those people who do not understand what is going on here, I would say that it’s something like playing demo account but with some money needed for that, real life money, I couldn’t even believe how people could fall for that scheme, but probably is.