Bear market in India

Is it time to think of a bear market. A lot of frustations and driving forces of current trend. Indian market stalled a lot. Why not think of it. A season of result in the way. Any clue and anticipation from anyone.

I want to tell one thing when q3 results have to come , markets have very high expectations from it, but now q4 results have to come , markets have very little expectation from it , markets have already discounted everything sir , incorrect to say bear market, correct to say structural bull market for investors , correction provides good oppurtunity to buy , these falls are for many reasons like market is overbought, year end , tax regime( investors taking positions to avoid capital gain tax), q3 earning, global problems, attack on yemen , but i think all things have discounted, though a fall can come more but i am not expecting a correction of more than 3-4 % on nifty from now on