Beginner Tips for Stock Market Trading

Hi All,

I am new to stock market trading, I would like to know more about what i can do to start my journey. Any advice/suggestions on this would be highly appreciated.

I would like to know the below information:

  1. Which website would be best to start trading stocks?
  2. What data/ information should i look at before i start investing?
  3. What would be the ideal amount to start with? ex: Rs.1k/2k/5k/10k?
  4. Can i follow any specific groups here to learn more?
  5. Research topics

Looking forward to hearing from you all soon!!


The only tip I can give you is to read “Varsity” from zerodha. It will give you an insight on stock market and investing.

Pulse from Zerodha is also another website which compiles all the critical business news.

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  1. To trade stocks, you have to open a brokerage account with any of the brokers you like such as zerodha, upstox, grow etc.

  2. Go through chapters related to investing in zerodha varsity.

  3. As low as you would like. The best case would be zero. Tradingview lets you papertrade which will give you close to real experience of trading. Even if you want to trade with real money, think of an amount that you can afford to lose through trading, then divide it by 10 and put it in your account and trade with it. Remember you will blow up your account multiple times for many years until you turn profitable so trade with as less as you can.

  4. Go through threads on trading in this forum, you will find lots of information.

  5. You can access research papers on trading through sci-hub.
    All the best.

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