Beginner to stock market

Hi Friends,

I am new one to stock market please suggest me some books and websites to learn fundamental and technical analysis of stock.

Thanks in advance

@gowtham_rishi You can start here ( , once you are done here, if you feel like you want to study more on a certain topic you will know where to find, or ask here again, people will give you info.

  1. Zerodha varsity - to learn basics.
  2. Chartmantra for Technical Analysis practice.
  3. Search youtube and watch videos.
  4. no book required

I have been reading varsity already fr more than 3 months… Can u suggest me some websites or forums to understand technical analysis?

If you really wanna learn TA.
Just go to chartmantra and play.
You won’t be profitable here unless you are profitable there.
Try it
And come back when your CAGR turns to 50%

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Ok @maddy_Des thanks a lot and I will try it…

Do you think this or believe it?

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I KNOW this.
Already such a vast material is available online, that too such a high class and good quality that no physical book is required.

Ok, so, do you also believe that authors like Ben Graham, Peter Lynch, Elder Alexander, Mark Douglas, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Robert Kiyosaki (to name a few) cannot produce quality material like some random blogger online?

I never said that they haven’t produced quality work…
Indeed their work is of quality but as any graduate in India can tell even to pass a exam or to top the exam you DO NOT need to read international author but read some cheap local author or even a selected xeroxed compiled notes form the xerox shop just in front of the college. :slight_smile:
This is true for engineering, IIT, Medical, MCA, BCA, BSc or BCom!!!
So also for trading…You need practical knowledge at the beginning and not from the theory of Graham, Buffet etc.

Another thing - almost all cheap bloggers just plagiarize these great authors only. so basically they are like short notes put in practical perspective.
Also, these books also available online as pdf

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I am a newbie and wanna learn and trade. Many of my friends in the game from long time but some say learn Intraday while some Commodities. What should I prefer as an beginner. What’s the best way to learn. ?

I beg to differ. Our education system does not need much real expertise to sail through. So these compiled notes (and I have used them too in college, so I know what I am talking about) are not better than “real” authors - whether they are Indian or international. They are just enough to get a degree because most institutes offering degrees don’t demand much. The stock market’s behaviour, I think, is essentially the same everywhere in the world.

I am a beginner here, but from what I have read of Graham, irrespective of the specifics of what he writes, the point that gets reiterated is that sound fundamentals are necessary to get through real problems.

Your point about cheap bloggers repeating what the great authors said is valid though.

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