Behavioral question


I find it amazing that you continue to help the traders even after getting hearful and getting the blame for smallest things,Forgetting how you are enabling them.

Despite being chairperson of largest broker in india you still reply to basic questions like these :grimacing:.

Whats the thinking and mindset.?


Personally success was never about how much money or how large the business, so that has changed nothing. It has always been about enabling people to do better with their money. One way to do that is by sharing knowledge. Important to do this without any expectations. If you expect, you get disappointed and chances will be high that you will stop doing it. So yeah, people ranting (I am sure everyone has their own valid reasons) doesn’t really affect me, if it did, I would have stopped being active long time back.

So yeah, I think sharing knowledge, especially now that people take me a lot more seriously due to the success of Zerodha, is even more important than before. Unfortunately I have much lesser time to do this today.

Btw, making this private conversation public. Maybe it will be useful for someone else as well. :slight_smile:


Is there anyone at zerodha who constantly beat index benchmark only by derivative trading over 5+ year timeframe?

I have been a active reader here from the time I joined zerodha 4 years back. I used to always wonder how do you even get time to reply in this forum. The patience you should have to answer the silliest query, answer for which are already there in support FAQ. Well, these days I feel you reply comparatively less because you have your team to handle it.
I even thought you must be having someone handle your account here.
Genuinely hats off to you. :pray:


I believe @nithin answers themselves because his words are inline with how he speaks in interview.


@nithin ,

Well the question was never meant to be public :see_no_evil:.

Thats a great state of mind (zen level).will try to adopt the same.

Hope India sees more entrepreneurs like you.


We don’t look at such granular data as a business. So wouldn’t know.

@nithin @siva @ShubhS9 @Karthik


How should one train themselves while trading?

Should there be no reaction when you make a profit or a loss?

when you observe the interviews of best of the traders they give almost zero expression.

Controlling your emotions is one of the key aspects of becoming a better trader. If you’re not in control of your emotions, it is very easy to make irrational decisions, just like with any aspect of life.

People spend too much time finding winning strategy, but not much on risk management and more importantly physiological side. The Innerworth module on Varsity has great content on this subject, would suggest you check it out;