Being a full time trader is

  • Risky
  • worthy
  • will wash out our whole savings
  • will earn money for our daily living
  • better not to try

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Why do you post questions without any details. What are you gaining out of these polls?

Just want to know people mind and their opinion on trading,
Since I am new to trading…
I just want to know how trading works and how much risk is involved in trading…

Then ask questions with context. What gyaaan will you get out of this poll?

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I would say it in a way that it’s somewhat at least worthy to try. Thanks in advance for creating that poll, but it should be really much more full to get more replies like mine for example but with some time set for just that. Thanks, bye.

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I’ve been through this stage. I’d tell you, it’s fear to start. That’s why you seek prudence from others. It’s worthless unless you have developed a clear plan for yourselves… The fear is real and right until then…

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Thanks for ur kind replies @Aji_K and @PureTopics

Vast majority at tradingqna are newbies…so any advice will be akin to blind leading the blind