Benefits of NSE membership for Proprietary trading

What are the benefits of becoming an NSE member for Proprietary trading, specifically for F&O margin trading (not intraday)? Will I save on exposure margin? Can I pledge my shares at NSE specified haircuts which are excellent (Like 12.5% for large-cap stocks) and trade derivatives on that margin?

In the end, what are ways to efficiently use my capital and get the highest leverage? Let’s not focus this discussion on why leverage is bad and it’s a double-edged sword, I guess most of us understand that. It’s about the options that are available if someone wants this.

There is a 3 years old post on this topic, that was kind of focussed on intraday trading and brokerage. This is about any updates since and handling a much bigger portfolio with derivatives.

Does this thread help?

I did go through that post before, there @nithin mentions exposure will still be blocked. Since blocking exposure margin is up to the member, and since I’ll be a member, why would NSE block exposure for me? also pledging of stocks, how much margin will a member for proprietary trading get?

Even if not collected from client broker has to park his funds at clearing member for exposure also.