Best 3 in 1 account


I have an account in zerodha for the past one year…proud to be a zerodha customer
And now I am planning to have a 3 in 1 account which full fills my banking need and also share market related things.
Among ICICI direct vs HDFC sec vs KOTAK securities which is better to have


ICICI securities


@mac76 : do Icici securities allow only demat plus saving account ? i prefer to trade with my existing broker and i only do delivery based transaction .




Zerodha has 3 in 1 facility too with IDFC Bank. Why don’t you try that since you already like Zerodha?

Too high brokerage in HDFC, ICICI and the likes


IS THIS IS TRUE, that ZERODHA has 3 in 1 facility with IDFC Bank? I don’t know this till date. how can this work


Found this on the Support Portal


I already have an existing account with Zerodha, can I still open a 3 in 1 account?

Presently, the Zerodha IDFC bank 3-in-1 account is available only for new customers. However, we will soon make it available for existing customers as well.

@Bhuvanesh By when can we expect this to be rolled out for existing customers?


Hey @PR4575

We are working on this. We will make an announcement once we go live with the 3in1 account for existing Zerodha clients.


@Kshiteesh_Saralaya Tentative timeline?