Best API for trading other than Kite in terms of performance and reliability?

I am currently using Kite API to trade, but looking to switch to some other broker, If their API Is better.

Kite API Is perfect but there is one serious issue, during market open and close, It works very slow. Sometimes order takes 15 second to get placed, and there is no feedback from API. I am facing this issue on and off from months now. So I am looking to try other brokers API. Kite API is very nice but this issue is killing me.

How is Upstox, 5paisa, Angel broking API? In terms of speed and reliability. I am ready to pay more, any other option, you would recommend?

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have you considered fyers?

Ohh, i checked them out. It seems worth trying. Do you have experience with the fyers API, if yes, would you like to share.


No, I don’t have any api experience with them. I am just a hand trader but I know fyers conducts and pushes api webiners so frequent.

So, that’s why I mentioned fyers.

That is unusually long. I have been punching my orders using kite api from half way across the world (every single day) for more than an year and i have never experienced such latencies.

You might also want to consider your connectivity just to be sure.

15 secs is too long, its as long as an avg tiktok video. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Its not about my latency. It probably takes 15 second after reaching Kite servers. This happens on like 1 out of every 100 order, but still creates a problem.

In my case, it takes 30ms to fetch kite.quote()

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