Best Bitcoin Wallet for India?

Does anyone here own a bitcoin wallet ?

Which one do you suggest for purchasing Bitcoins in India ?

Don’t know about wallet but yes,
Rs. 700 invested in bitcoin , 7 years back are now worth 900 crores!! :money_mouth_face:

Imagine if someone mistakenly bought 1000- 2000 rs. worth bitcoins & had forgotten!!

That’s the power of investing.

Traders do hard work by working for money. Whereas investors do smart work & money works for them. Big bulls like jhunjhunwala make crores every month by dividends of stocks.

Warren buffet makes millions of dollars per day basis.

We as small retail traders stand nowhere. We are not even born yet! :smile:


coinbase …

i dont have any bitcoins or litecoins though

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Great but do you any website to invest in bitcoins.

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Be careful while putting your money in Bitcoins. Many countries have banned this currency while many countries continue to accept it.

Bitcoin is on its all time peak & this volcano may erupt anytime, nobody can tell what this company is planning at the moment.

You can watch YouTube videos like how to buy bitcoins from india.

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Zebpay and Unocoin

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Zebpay/unocoin - Looks the best in service wise.
Coinsecure - Is better on rate Wise(Buy and sell are inline with the globalmarket, better than the other two). But they have to improve the service.

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Billdesk has started a new Bitcoin wallet -

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The billdesk tag gave the confidence to open with them. it taken less then 5 minutes. Very nice.

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Did you open an a/c with them?

Yes. I did.

Getting my gear dusted and ready to start mining.

Let us know about how the platform is and overall experience

Wait, it has to be indian? Can’t you just use the regular top and that’s it?