Best broker for Long term investments.Is it possible to open 2 demat accounts with Zerodha?

  1. I want to keep separate Demat accounts for Long term investments and short term tradings. I am using Zerodha for swing trades and F&O.

  2. I have already opened accounts in Angel broking and upstox. But closed both accounts last year. They are saying I cannot open new accounts with them again.

  • Can anyone help me in suggesting good broker that provides portfolio analytics,GTT, Basket orders, SIP features like zerodha.

why cant you open another Demat with Zerodha.

Ah sorry realised the second should be joint account. Didnt know this

Is it possible to open 2 demat accounts with Zerodha?

Hi Vinay, you can open two demat accounts, however, one should be an individual account and the other a joint demat account. Explained here. Btw, do check out the tagging feature on Console. Using this, you can tag and sort holdings according to your preferences. More on this here.

We’re also working on bringing this to the Kite app.

Thanks, but in the link it shows with same PAN I cannot open 2 demat accounts and also I didn’t have other account for a joint account.

I heard this working on bringing this in kite app at least an year ago :rofl:

With the same PAN you cannot open multiple trading accounts. A PAN can be linked with only one trading account opened with a broker.

However, as mentioned above, you can open more than one demat account as long as it is one individual account and the other is a joint demat account.