Best data feed for Amibroker

Hi all,

I am currently trying to select a good real time data provider for Amibroker. I have listed a few names below that I have come across. If anybody has any experience or suggestion regarding any of them, please post a reply.

My requirements are:

  • Real time data with very little delay (3-4 secs max).
  • Should let me access multiple scrips at the same time.
  • Negligible downtime.
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Yes e-Signal is a good datafeeder. Global data feeds is also decent and falls within budget. You can go with either of them.


Hi hemanthg,
I don’t think so Amibroker provides support for any of these except globaldatafeeds.
Can you check with them… I think so support from Ami would also be crucial? Also, have you checked e-signal as it is one of their preferred partner?

Hi Mangesh,
Thanks for the quick reply. They have stated that their feeds are amibroker supported, but I am a little skeptical as they offer prices far lower than globaldatafeeds. E Signal is currently out of my budget.

Hi hemanthg,
Then you may want to have a look at
They have competitive pricing… I contacted the supports of both TD and Ami…
But, Amiborker was like… go for e-signal, we recommend it… but it’s too costly.

Thanks Mangesh. Will look into it.

Thanks for that algogeek. I think I’ll go with Globaldatafeeds for now.

please share the link of e signel, i googled it but it confusing

how much it cost

Hi Namrata,

Thanks for sharing… I have been looking for something like this… It’s already a year since you posted, are you still using them? Any review that you would like to make.

Are their Data reliable and consistent? I mean how often do they encounter Downtime? What is the terminal source of their DataFeed?

Would be very helpful if you reply!

Thank you

I find the best! Super support and service.

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Correct, I have tried all authorised data vendors services but I found ACCELPIX is the best with respect to DATA ACCURACY, RELIABILITY AND MOST AFFORDABLE and it’s customer service is awesome :+1:.