Best EMA length for intraday?

What could be the perfect length of EMA for intraday trading. Or should I use two EMA or just on is enough ?


The best EMA length for intraday could be 9 along 50 but that’s not enough you should be using the ADX to determine the strength of trend. Otherwise it will lag many times


I will suggest you to choose the EMA length by your own with backtest and testing in live market also. After completing this you will come to an end of choosing the right EMA length of high winning probability .
I mostly go for 9 EMA on timeframe of 5 minutes in intraday trades .
You can choose yours wisely .

I personally believe EMAs are not for intraday.

I think 7 EMA and 21 EMA with 5mins time is good

yup bud ! I tested so many time and I think 9 ema is best suitable for me too. Thanks : )

EMA that has be in consider is 50 and 200. EMA 5 works well for intraday but its eye soaring. Less than 50 and 200 EMA are fast EMA and price hardly respect them. Even thou it is default prefer for EMA close .

EMA channel also work well for intraday i would say 21-21 (High-Low as source).

But it’s best to use MA over EMA . And MA to be prefer is 20MA . It best to reduce noise of market than using lower MA.

Not a expert in technical analysis via Indicator as I use leading indicator which is itself is price.

Bhaw bhagwan chhe

If you are searching for perfection in an imperfect world you are likely to be disappointed.

Better keep the ema length as a variable and backtest over your instruments of interest and figure out a reasonably good length. Remember accuracy is overhyped in market. Profitability is a function of accuracy and risk-reward ratio. Also you have to make peace with drawdowns and ensure there is enough capital to trade.