Best global market watch app?

Im a trader, Im looking for desktop app or browser based market watch which includes American futures, global index and indian commodity with live chart. please suggest me fast and best one, both free and paid services.

you can check this

you can also create a customized watch-list in yahoo finance

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looks great. thx

Basically this honestly - and probably for other system is here be sure to leave review here.

im not looking for mobile app as there are useless to watch charts. i have multiple monitor setup to run charts on each monitor.

Trading view seems good but im having hard time adding scripts to watch list, when i try to add example: nasdaq comp, it lists bunch of scripts and futures with random letters, i dont know which is the real script, even this most popular index is this hard to figure, imagine adding asian index and other country scripts.
And their watch list is cornered to screen, there is no option to view only watchlist to use up entire browser space. So im still looking for good market watch desktop app.


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On the other hand, you can use stockedge app for stock market news and analysis.