Best intraday stocks

Can anyone tell me best intraday stocks to trade which are not high in price but have good movement and also how to determine its movement whether it vl he in uptrend or downtrend… Plz help
Thanks brothers

You can find here Here

Dnt trade in fixed stocks …trade whr more vol thr institutional vol

Trade in liquid and volatile stocks, F&O stocks have decent volumes and volatility opt from those.

HDFC bank, it always less volatile. safe place for intraday traders. it dosnt move 2% 3% like other stocks, on average it moves .5%-1% up or down, so even if its loss it wont be big loss.
This is for normal days, during big good/bad news days it may move 2% while other stocks move 5%,10%

shubh, volatile stocks are bad for intraday, it will easily trigger stop loss and wipe out acc pretty soon.

I do know quite a few and besides Zerodha itself it could be probably some names like National Mineral Development Corporation and United Spirits and Angel Broking and something like for example Multi Commodity Exchange here and few more.

You can select stocks which are in Nifty 500, For day trading , generally High Beta stocks are selected.

For this you need know TA .

Nifty stocks are best for intraday trading. They have good liquidity and good participation from Institutions and retail traders.