Best movies on stock markets, commodities, currency, and generally about money

Here is a list of what economic times claims as the best 16 wall street movies. Why don't you add if there is anything that is missed out, Hollywood and Bollywood.


A SENTENCE: Faster paced British version of Wall Street.

PLOT: Based on the real-life story of Barings Bank trader Nick Leeson, Ewan McGregor does a surprisingly awesome job of emulating the British wunderkind down to his addiction to fruit candies. While a relatively unsuccessful movie at the box office, Rogue Trader is entertaining.


A SENTENCE: No movie about Wall Street is funnier than this.

PLOT: Eddie Murphy and Dan Akroyd are at their best as director John Landis tells the tale of how one man's fall from Wall Street is another man's blessing. Watching Murphy talk about futures and markets is hilarious and unparalleled in humour.


A SENTENCE: Classic Wall Street film.

PLOT: Oliver Stone originally set out to depict the greed associated with Wall Street in the 1980s. Little did he know, it would go on to become one of the finest pieces of financial cinema ever created. Everyone loves Michael Douglas' character Gordan Gekko, who is modelled after Michael Milken and Ivan Boesky. 


A SENTENCE: It's the sequel to Oliver Stone's classic.

PLOT: Gordon Gekko gets out of prison for securities fraud. He teams up with his future son-in-law Jacob to repair the relationship with his daughter, Winnie. Gekko also helps Jacob get back at the man who screwed his mentor's firm over.


A SENTENCE: For those in a sales job or telemarketing.

PLOT: Vin Diesel and Giovanni Ribisi as Long Island pump and dump brokers? Count us in. This classic flick showcases Ribisi's rise to the top as he learns the ins and outs of operating in a boiler room. It's very similar to Jordan Belfort's upbringing, minus the yachts and excessive drug use.


A SENTENCE: "The leads are weak? You're weak!" — Alec Baldwin

PLOT: Glengarry Glen Ross takes place off of Wall Street but still deals with incentives that salesman deal with, including bonuses and cars and how they'll do anything to close the sale. Baldwin is only in the movie for about 10 minutes but gives an speech that deserves an Oscar.

ENRON (2005)

A SENTENCE: One of the best documentaries ever made. Ever.

PLOT: The film tells the tale of Enron's rise and fall from grace, including the strange tales of executives Ken Lay, Jeff Skilling, Andy Fastow and Timothy Belden. This movie also features interviews from former energy traders and hedge fund king Jim Chanos.

TRADER (1987)

A SENTENCE: Brilliant... If you can find it.

PLOT: This little-known documentary stars Paul Tudor Jones and chronicles his day-today life as an active investor. Jones uses techniques like historical chart reading, taken from Jesse Livermore, to predict the Black Monday crash on film.


A SENTENCE: You'll never look at business cards the same way again.

PLOT: Patrick Bateman, played by Christian Bale, is the consummate Wall Street professional, beyond the fact that he's losing his mind. Throughout the film Bateman utters some absolute classics, including a soliloquy on Phil Collins that likely changed his career for ever.


A SENTENCE: The film's ability to tackle different New York City social classes is without question.

PLOT: Originally a book by Tom Wolfe, the film targeted the Manhattan elite of the 1980s and their distance from the rest of the city. Tom Hanks gets involved in an extramarital affair and, eventually, a tragic murder results.

QUANTS (2010)

A SENTENCE: A rare look inside the minds of mathematical geniuses who have invented financial models that have both destroyed and made Wall Street.

PLOT: Quants: The Alchemists of Wall Street is 45-minute documentary on the inner workings of quantitative analysts on Wall Street.


A SENTENCE: Surely you remember the financial crisis.

PLOT: Lehman Brothers implodes, global markets are at risk, and Washington has to catch up to save the economy.


A SENTENCE: Consider this one a new classic — it seems like everyone else is.

PLOT: One banker creates a model that shows that his firm is completely under water, but before he can show anyone, he gets fired. He hands his model off to junior banker and the firm goes into emergency mode trying to save everything.


A SENTENCE: You may come out of this one scratching your head.

PLOT: Eric Packer, a billionaire investor rides around Manhattan in his state-of-the-art limo/office. Throughout the day you'll meet his wife, his lover and his associates. After a currency speculation goes awry, Packer's life begins to unravel. Enter murder, intrigue... etc.
THE PIT (2010)

A SENTENCE: A slightly sad look at the end of the open outcry trading floor.

PLOT: Follow a bunch of veteran traders as they discuss their careers and the end of their way of doing business.


A SENTENCE: It's by far the raunchiest Wall Street movie.

PLOT: Jordan Belfort's best-selling tell-all memoir that chronicled his boozy, drug-fuelled, high-flying Wall Street lifestyle running 1990s-era boiler room Stratton Oakmont was adapted into a film directed by Martin Scorsese starring Leonardo DiCaprio.


And here is the complete list of movies related to Banks, Wall Street, Stock Markets -

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Real life story of Christopher Gardner. 

Will Smith, a litle longish, but if you want to be inspired. 

Christopher Gardner: Hey. Don't ever let somebody tell you... You can't do something. Not even me. All right? You got a dream... You gotta protect it. People can't do somethin' themselves, they wanna tell you you can't do it. If you want somethin', go get it. Period.


Too Big to Fail

The wolf of Wall Street

An earlier similar query has been answered by many already.



The big short (IMDB 7.9)

Billions TV series

Million dollar traders documentary(Available on youtube)

The Big Short

Too big to fail.

Margin Call

Inside story

------------ the above 4 are on 2008 america’s housing bubble and different take on it -------------

Wall street 1 &2

wolf of the wall street( good movie but watch alone …nudity drugs bad language)

Rogue trader(floor trader who bets against own company with companies money using dummy account)

Gafla( indian movie on Harshad mehta scam)

Trillion Dollar bet – based on Noble prize(option pricingblack scholes) winners hedge fund collapse.

floored into the pit.

Boiler Room.

Here are my personal favorites:-

1) Wall Street

2) The Big Short

3) The Wolf of Wall Street

4) Margin Call

5) Million Dollar Traders

Find the comprehensive review and synopsis of these movies here.

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I have watched Inside Story yesterday and it was good.It tells us how big business moguls manipulated stock markets to come down in 2008 crisis.


Quite a compilation. Apart from Wall Street and Money Never Sleeps, both of which I loved, havent watched any other yet. Thanks for the list. Michale Douglas’ performance par excellence.