Best Newsletters Subscriptions across web?

Looking for useful newsletters subscriptions.
Finshots are the best in my inbox and subscribed to them since months (even before zerodha partnered) and they create great value every day. So looking for useful newsletters to subscribe for useful insights and get more value in my inbox.

So guys share the best newsletters to with the community to benefit all.

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Indian? Global?

any… global or indian… just valuable

You can check feedly app. You can have the feeds based on your interest. If you are looking for learning Medium has the best articles but yeah it’s not news.

Around the world

Matt Levine and John Auther’s newletters on Bloomberg
Morning Brew
Klement on investing
Alex Danco’s newsletter
Abnormal Returns
Axios Markets
Axios World
Marginal Revolution
Frntier (on substack)
Fortune termsheet
Fortune ledger
Quartz daily brief
a16z newsletter


The Ken
ET Prime
StockViz’s Newsletter


Checked out almost all. and really bhai a big thankyou for sharing it. :slightly_smiling_face:

I was looking for email subsciptions so that I can store the articles and read those in my free time & you should also check out the above reply by @RahulKhanna, the post really has some very useful subscriptions.

Sure. I have been subscribed to few of them all ready. Like Fortune Termsheet, it’s worth if you want to track global deals and very good analysis on them by the editor. I also used to track bloomberg quint’s market edge which they used to published daily morning. But looks like they have stopped now. Would explore others as well. Great list @RahulKhanna


PS: check out Stoop and Substack. You can discover a lot of other amazing newsletters

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In Indian market context,
Ken & themorningcontext (paid)
Yourstory dealing with startups

Global: I found substack as well. Perhaps, hacknernews/reddit if you can filter information from noise

Though slightly off topic,
I was actually looking for moderated discord channels who discuss serious trade aspects (Not stock tips/rumours). I gave up the search on traders chatroom perhaps because my expectation is perhaps a utopia in an Indian context :grinning:

If anyone knows any more quality financial/trade journals (posting Daily), please share as well. I am interested too

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Too less information of value primarily due to underlying “mainstream media” sources it aggregates.
Though can be good if you are just looking to stay updated of market events. In that case, may I suggest google news/alerts…

Yeah brother… honestly I created the topic for newsletters regarding trading psychology just like varsity has under the topic “Innerworth - Mind over Markets”, those are like gems. I wanted to receive the same and store those all under my inbox. But the subscription people are recommending are like wow. I knew the Indian ones (except The Ken) for a long time but the global ones are amazing. & I just subscribed mostly and started reading Thankyou for sharing your knowledge with beginners :slightly_smiling_face:

did you end up finding a discord server ??

Any one looking for trading using technicals, is the best one. They publish really amazing stuff. Check out few of the months journals which are available for free once you signup.

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what is discord server??

@ZW2768 thankyou…

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