Best Star in opentrade for Intraday for 10k capital

Friends who have being following Stars in opentrade kindly advise by your Experience which Star is best for Intraday Equity with Capital of only 10k for 20% Returns per month.

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Following the STAR to earn this kind of return Consistently is not possible,
It is possible only If the STAR (Horoscope) Follows You.


Nicely said😮
Also, monday se shani(SEBI) kaun se Opentrade STAR ke grah mein pravesh karenge patha nahi. Kal ho na Ho!
jusst kidding😉


240% annualized returns expectation is too much. People over here are not able to achieve even 15%.

At least the target should be a realistic one.

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Thanks for reply. If our horoscope is good we may earn more than that STAR


Means such huge Returns are not possible then how come some Stars like ARA showing Returns of 571%, star CARINA showing Returns of 185%.
Are they fake?

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Such a huge return is definitely possible in day trading that’s why people do try day trading irrespective of how many times they blowout their a/c.

Even though its possible, not everyone will get such a huge return.

Such a huge return on one side means same huge loss on other side.

Someone has to loose for someone to gain in day trading.

You will never going to catch the STAR’s return, just by blindly following the STAR.

Because the STAR has certain unique things that he will never share.
That unique things is his HOLY GRAIL.
Some are;

  • Position sizing and Capital allocation.
  • Target and stoploss Price.
  • Risk and Money Management.
  • Quantity.
  • Trailing Ticks.

If you put more interest in learning rather than calculating returns, sure one day you achieve 240% or more return.
Getting a huge return on one day is not success, day trading success means consistency, how many months/years you are maintaining the return…?

But it’s not that easy,it requires lot of work,if you trade for live then you face lot many stress/emotions, sometime you feel alone.
Below are some points that will increase the chance of success.

  • You need a logic only for ENTRY after that Risk & Money management only will bring success.
  • You need to place your stoploss at the strong support/Resistance Level not 0.25% or 0.5% like that.
    What is Strong Support/Resistance, entirely depends on you.I normally use Previous Day High/Low as Support/Resistance.Putting a correct stoploss is the most important point.Many people might have felt a below situation;

    Placed a BUY order with 0.5% stoploss, market suddenly reverses and hits your 0.5% stoploss. Now you reversed your position i.e you shorted with 0.5% stoploss, again market moves up and hits your 0.5% stoploss. Do you know why this happened? this is because you are not putting the stoploss at the correct price. 0.5% may be be bigger for some stock and may be nothing for some other stock. Working out the stoploss for each stock is most important point.

  • Only take one or two trades in each stock.Because if you take too much trades, even if you are in gross P/L, after adding brkgs and chgs, you may end up in huge loss.
  • You should have target and stoploss at individual stock as well as portfolio level.
  • Do not trade first 15 and last 15 mins of market hours, volatility and uncertainty is more in those times which result in heavy slippage and also order may be rejected due to tech issues.
  • Do not trade in single stock, try to manipulate a portfolio of different sectors and trade.Trading as portfolio will decrease risk.
  • log each and every details of your trades like time triggered, Nifty’s change etc etc.

    Analyse all those details, and take out the common factors.Example:- If you see most of the trades triggered in the time range 10-11am are resulted in loss, then make a note on this and adjust your system not to take trade in this time range.Like this you need to analysis each and every factor, add positive factors to system and remove negatives.Another example, take out the always loss making symbol.You need to log and analyse your system at-least once in 3 months and update your system


Thanks @botany02
Yes I do not want ready-made, I want to learn from experts like you and some Stars so today subscribed to star ARA as highest followers of 148+ and small Capital to match my profile.

First I will learn for 1 month and then start real trades.

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Nicely explained

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There are not best trader on opentrade… but they all are certainly good traders for sure…

Few things keep in mind,

  1. Follow the STAR , but do not trade blindly( if his trade and your own view on market is same --then only trade) --which increases the probability of your success.

2.some time STAR trader also do mistake, they dont cut thire loser…( but you should)

  1. Follow trader for 1 month or so… and have confortable with them-- then do aggresive trading like them

  2. One should follow 1-2 at time( so you dont confuse your self diffrent trader strategy.

  3. I personally follow ( he/she/it dont trade every day, which match my own trading style)

  4. 500 is very mirginal to risk to follow STAR trader

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Are they fake?
Fake from Zerodha Table?,Comparatively they are the most Transparent and Customer centric financial institution that i ever seen In India. (at these scale). but Few points to note.

1.There are some Misleading Information because of Return calculation from Average capital.

 Stars Just to show their Return Percentage higher, they may play something
 on maintaining Average Capital.

2.Since We don’t get Target and Stop-loss point beforehand, It is tough to Play on Risk Management and Position Sizing.

If you are new to stock market please be aware “Money Management Is much More important than Strategy logic Itself” (already @botany02 highlighted this Point)
believe me I learned this after 10 Years of Trying 1000s of strategy.

3.Time Delay between Star’s execution and Our Execution.
4. It seems Zerodha is not Strongly focusing on Opentrade compared to Smallcase and Coin.
and It is not being updated Regularly.

And I think They are right as it is not a scalable model ,
Very successful trader definitely do not like to participate in the long run for the sack of Name or for the Money they receive from Opentrade.

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Like Tradingqna showing wrong notifications
Opentrade also showing wrong data.

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