best stocks to invest today?

the best stocks to go intraday today which are cheap below 80 rupees?

Hi @Joy_Dsilva,

First of all, investing and trading are two different things. Your topic seems to be related to investing whereas the actual question pertains to intraday trading- which is completely different than investing. I suggest you watch the video below to clearly understand the difference.

Coming to the question of stocks for intraday: looking for stocks below 80 (even 100) for intraday is a bad idea. First of all, you are excluding all the good stocks that have the highest liquidity and where there are far better chances of making money. And second, the cheaper the stock gets, more amplified the profits and losses become. This exposes an intraday trader to extreme risks. For example, a 1 rupee move in Reliance Industries would only mean .07% of profit/loss whereas the same 1 rupee move in Reliance Communication can mean 8% move. Clearly the risk goes up as the stock prices come down.

My advice is to stick with top 20 stocks by market capitalization for intraday trading. You can check them out here

-Neha (