Best Timeframe for Knowing Trend in Intraday Trading?

hey there folks

am a newbie day trader

i mostly do price action trading.

am little bit confused about knowing trend…

like which time frame should i use for knowing underlying trend

i trade in 5 mint timeframe. i usually sit in front of my computer from 9.30 to 2 pm

sometimes in day time frame its showing different trend than minute time frames. can u please suggest me something

thanks in advance

Each and every TF will show you different trends better stick with which one suits you ,as you are a newbie this is a very basic question i understand but there are a lots and lots of things you have to come able see a person like you who exactly in a point where i was many years ago.all the best.

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5 and 10 min TF is best for Intraday…
Price action is worthless without supply and demand zone…
If ur having confusion with trend identification then use heikinashi…

Trade with trend…


If you’re mostly into intraday, have your charts set to 3 minute, 5 minute and 15 minute. If you’re into swing, go for Hourly, Daily & Weekly Charts.

Search for ORB - and you can trade breakouts if that is your style.

But if you’re into intraday, focus on Pivots / Central Pivot Range, using Fib / Camarilla.

May your longs go up & your shorts go down!

i generally use the Multi-timeframe function available on @Streak to find trends stronger in both smaller and largertime frames.

thank you soo much bro


thank you all for your valuable advices :smile:


I like to check on 1 day time frames as it gives me more accurate reading on the stocks. So for intraday it is better that you stick to one trend for particular stock and don’t change it in between the day.

yeah, exactly trend doesn’t change on a dime !!! Also it takes a while for trend to form and reverse.

i dont get it bro…can u please explain a little