Best trading demat account?

Earlier I was having a Demat account in Angel Broking now i have closed it because of the high brokerage and tax rate , as whenever i used to trade in angel or do backtesting they used to charge a heavy amount of tax and brokerage even in one share which was deducting my balance, so can anyone suggest me the best trading account with low brokerage and tax rate in which i can do intraday, positional or swing easily. Thnks in advance for helping me.

Zerodha as I know.



It depends on what are your needs. There are quite a few discount brokers but below are some key differences.


If you want to have a robust technology especially for algo trading, zerodha is far better than any other brokerage house.

Options traders:

If you are an option trader (especially buyer), zerodha may not suit you as you can’t buy deep OTM strike prices due a limitation from exchange. You can go with Upstox or 5 paisa (I prefer Upstox)

Tools and features:

Zerodha has many advanced tool and features like GTT (Good till trigger) for all 3 segments, instant margin display etc. which are still lacking in 5 paisa.


Both zerodha and 5 paisa are struggling to deal with this issue. Zerodha has implemented many infrastructural changes in the recent past and hoping to overcome all outages in future.


Both have similar brokerage types - Rs.20 per trade. While zerodha has a simple and single model of pricing, 5 paisa has other types as well. You can avail 10rs/ order brokerage as well but need to be a platinum member by paying extra money upfront every month.


I find zerodha is a bit better compared to 5 paisa. Over internet you find they have highest rating when it comes to customer service


Zerodha masters in providing educational material, especially their varsity chapter-wise material. Also, their communications and notifications are just excellent.

Note: Zerodha is also trying to become an all-in-one investment solution by introducing various products in the past like COIN. Also, the interface is very intuitive and easy for beginners.

So, My vote goes to zerodha for its transparency and ever evolving nature. To open account and for other information, check this -

Hope this helps!


Thnks helped a lot

Does any broker except upstox allow using cash in bank as margin (trough their smart-transfer in 3 in 1 account)?

Issue for me is that zerodha doesn’t allow me to block the amount in my bank and use as margin. Issue with upstox is that I can’t pledge shares for collateral.

I there any broker who allows blocking of bank balance for cash portion and pledging shares for non-cash collateral?

You can transfer that money to Zerodha, buy some liquidbess and pledge them, liquibess act as cash component and also earn you some interest at same time.

“Which is best Demat account?” is one of the most common answers new investors seek when they plan to start investing in the stock markets. A Demat account holds shares you buy electronically, while a trading account allows you to place trade orders and make transactions. You must open both accounts with a licensed SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) broker. Consider choosing a reputed broker like Kotak Securities for Demat and trading account services since Kotak Securities provides its clients with an abundance of features and facilities to help them invest in the stock market. Kotak Securities also lets you open a Demat account for zero charges.

Finvasia. No charges on demat or amc. Best one for me.

Here you can check out the details of stock market brokers.

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How is BO in finvasia?

@Celina It’s good. Being an intraday trader, I always use bracket orders with finvasia.

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Good like good.

Currently using fyers BO. And it’s the best i have come across till now.

For instance, Dhan BO restricts with certain gap between target and SL. And it doesn’t have a trigger. You have to enter in market.

Fyers doesn’t have any gap criteria. Have limit, market and trigger entries.

So, how is finsavia?

Fyers BO (app)

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In price type, SL will be used for trigger entries?

It’s pity, zerodha removed BO. Says gtt works the same.

I never get that logic. How gtt sames BO in case of intraday!

Hey, do you punch in tgt sl values in absolute points or price value?

SL entry will be use to buy at higher and sell at lower than LTP. Just to enter for break-out or break-in. Finvasia gives market protection for market type order and by default its 5% means if you place order at market buy and security is at 100 then max price at which it can take for entry or exit will be 105 and no more than this.

Both have same functionality but ZERODHA made it to not avail this anymore due to careless trader who donot look if any open order is yet to trigger and generate much profit than BO order.

And how smooth is finsvsia?
Can you log in simultaneously? One in pc and one in mob. Fyers supports multiple logins.

Any order issues you have faced? Like stuck orders. Nightmare.

Any blocked scripts for BO if you know.

You believe this shit.

I donot use BO order from starting so I donot have any idea regarding this.