Best way to do BTST Futures

I am doing Futures intraday due to funds unavailability I am using margin so end of the day if want do it as BTST how can do that in ZERODHA

Consider the below for MIS if I have 20858 to do this trade but if want to make this as BTST want to check if it is possible to convert with the same amount 20858

Let me know how to do btst and what is the best way to do btst in zerodha


For Futures BTST you need minimum 100k to be on safer side. 200k is better. 300k is good.

With 300k you can go short in futures and Puts. For neutral to negative. Go long in futures and short in calls for neutral to positive.

No you cannot convert a MIS Fut position to BTST for next day with MIS margin. You can calculate the margin needed for carrying forward Fut trades to next day here. The margin required to carry forward Fut trades to next day is total margin
This is the margin requirement for carrying forward Nifty Sept Fut Long position to next day.