Best way to invest in NASDAQ

What is the best way to take foreign companies exposures preferably NASDAQ? Mutual fund, ETF, or direct buying option?


The easiest way is to buy a MF or ETF from India.

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The most liquid ETF is MON100, but its price can differ from the NAV. Check that before you invest.

Other options are FoFs and index funds provided by some AMCs.

Another option is to invest in the Nifty IT index because it almost mirrors the NASDAQ.

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Indian ETFs are illiquid. Direct Buying has tax implications and forex charges.

MFs have the advanatage of managing forex and also buy US Domiciled ETFs at EOD prices making the tracking error very less and also very liquid for good price discovery.

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How is MON100? although priced little premium over iNAV

I am invested in Motial Oswal Nasdaq 100 ETF. Today the iNAV was 90.79 whilst the market price quoted was 90.99. The difference is insignificant, but yes, the variation was high few months back.