Best website to learn options for free?

I have used Zerodha Varasity . But i fell it will be better if someone teaches me . So , is there any website which provides free options training ?


The best trainer is the market. I trained through various means, and methods. The profit can occur only when you trade for real.

Learn to work on one option at a time, either call or put.

Re-learn about the probability of options thoroughly. Watch the market keenly as if you have taken a position.

Stay with ITM or ATM options, since these have better response, and probability of expiring in the money. OTM looks cheap, please don’t go towards them. They are meant for other purposes.

There is substantial risks involved in holding options overnight. Intraday trading needs strict discipline, with controllable risks. Controllable, if you are disciplined. Learn one trick at a time, one option at time. Take trades, go in and out.

It is like driving bicycle for the first time. Learn it, practice and later you can drive it hands free… :smiley:

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