[Beta] Introducing National Pension Scheme (NPS)

You can now invest in the National Pension Scheme (NPS) on Coin. This is still in beta so please do check it out and let us know if you spot any issues.

About NPS

NPS is a retirement pension scheme and is pretty similar to mutual funds and it’s regulated by The Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA). There are 10 pension fund managers (AMCs) and each pension fund offers equity and debt schemes. There are two tiers in NPS:
Tier 1: All your investments are locked in until the age of 60.
Tier 2: This has no lock-in, you can invest and withdraw anytime you want to, similar to mutual funds. We aren’t offering this to start with.

Tax benefits

You’ll be eligible for Tax benefits of upto Rs. 2 lakh if you are under the old tax regime. i.e. Rs 50,000 under section 80CCD over the Rs. 1.5 lakh deduction under Sec 80 CCE.


Once you hit 60, you can withdraw 60% of your money, it’s tax-free. The remaining 40% has to be compulsorily annuitized. Annuities are insurance policies that are offered by insurance companies. In return for a lumpsum, they will pay you a regular amount for as long as you are alive. Annuities are a way to deal with the longevity risk—what if you live longer?

How to invest on Coin?

Step 1: Go to Coin – Zerodha, click on “I agree.”
Step 2: You’ll see a page with your account details that we fetch from our records. Check if everything is correct and add any missing details.
Step 3: In the next step, you’ll have to select a pension fund and a risk profile.
Step 5: If you select auto choice, the equity and debt allocation will automatically change every year as per your age. If you select active choice, you can decide the allocation with a max of 75% in equity and 25% in the rest.
Step 4: Make the payment, and you are done.


Account opening charge of Rs 200
Contribution charges of minimum Rs 30 and 0.25% of the transaction thereafter.

Why is Zerodha charging for NPS when it doesn’t charge for mutual funds?

In mutual funds, we rely on the exchange infrastructure to settle transactions. But in the case of NPS, there’s a lot of work involved in building and maintaining these systems, including ongoing maintenance. Despite that, our charges are less than what others charge and the upper cap allowed by PFRDA.

Features we are working on

Account details and profile modifications
Scheme preference changes
P&L and other performance metrics
Allowing users to shift their NPS accounts to Zerodha

Unlike mutual funds, there’s a significant amount of effort involved in building features that seem basic. So, please bear with us while we iron out the bugs and make the experience better over time.


but the NPS account I have charges flat fee of 3 per txn if I am not wrong but I have to pay some AMC. what is the difference.


What are the major difference by going with you for NPS , when I can invest directly from Enps.nsdl.com without any charges ???

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It’s similar to investing directly on the MF website vs investing on Coin. We’ve planned a bunch of useful features that improve the investing experience, plus you get the benefit of a combined portfolio view. NPS investment data will eventually be on Console, where you can see all your investments in one place.


Can I make NPS tier-1 investments using any payment method such as wallets, credit card, debit card etc? Or the amount is directly deducted from Zerodha trading account?

How can I transfer my existing NPS account from KFintech to Zerodha Coin?

Your NPS account is with PFRDA and managed by 8 pension fund managers and hence zerodha or Kfintec are only service providers (kind off) from where you can make your contribution and nothing else.

I have an NPS account and I can make contribution directly from eNPS website at the same time, I can go to my SBI account and make contribution as well. The account resides with PFRDA and not with the brokers.

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@Bhuvan In case we want to close zerodha account, do we get lockin due to nps? How can we transact in nps when we close zerodha account ?

You can transfer your account to another POP.

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Any possibility to port existing NPS account to Zerodha ?

Yep, this on the roadmap but we’re still ironing out the issues with this.

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Keep us posted once option of porting existing NPS account to coin. It will be really handy to keep track all investments in one place


Is there a maximum limit on the charges as well? The charges seem a bit high compared to NSDL eNPS contribution charges.

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@Bhuvan Any plans to introduce the section on Corporate Bonds too?
Currently, it just shows we’re working on it :slight_smile:

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25K is the upper limit. Our charges are on the lower side compared to pretty much everyone else’s. We have a bunch of features and enhancements planned for NPS on Coin and not just offer execution.

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We couldn’t offer this due to a bunch of regulatory issues. But this is on our to-do.

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@Bhuvan I would like to shift my nps to zerodha since this will help me to get a combined view of investments. Hope POP switch becomes live ASAP

One of the features that have been on zerodha’s todo list for ages.

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How long is it likely to be in the just to do list :l
Though i now use wint wealth and golden pi to often invest in bonds since in zerodha it just shows we’re working on it.

@Bhuvan is it possible to invest via credit card in nps via zerodha? If not possible can we login to nps website and invest in nps (created from zerodha account) as it has option to purchase via credit card.