Best place to open NPS Account

I am looking to open a NPS account through online mode. I see that even Zerodha has come up with NPS on Coin

There are several ways one can open NPS account. Direct on NSDL , through banks (HDFC , ICICI, SBI etc) and through brokers like Zerodha Coin.

So, people who have some experience maintaining NPS account. What’s the best way in 2024 for opening and maintaining NPS account? Pros and Cons etc.

Have opened directly on NSDL eNPS. UI is poor but it’ll hopefully improve. I don’t interact with it much so it’s just setup account once and then I enabled auto debit.

You can also contribute directly to a UPI ID so don’t need to open site. From their site,

For making Instant Contribution through UPI, kindly use UPI ID - PFRDA.15DigitVirtualAccount@axisbank where,15 Digit Virtual Account starts with 600101 for Tier I and 600102 for Tier II

I think Zerodha has higher charges, including per transaction. Have not compared directly so might be wrong.

Did a thorough research and finally went ahead with Kfintech.

Will come up with a detailed write up sometime.

I am a NPS account holder. From security point of view, it is better to open in SBI or in any other nationalised banks.

What “security” does SBI or nationalized banks provide for NPS?

how much does zerodha charge for 50k NPS investment?

Official answers for such questions are there in the support portal.

  • Charges ₹200 for opening an NPS account,
  • Commission of 0.25% of the contribution amount or ₹30 whichever is higher, plus 18% GST. In your case, 125 + GST

Entities like SBI or Zerodha are simply POPs (Point of Presence) and are layers built on top of CRAs (Central Recordkeeping Agencies) which as of now are only three.
NSDL, Kfintech (Karvy) and CAMS.

There is no extra security as such when you go with any of the POPs. All POPs ultimately keep the records with one of the 3 CRAs above, moreover their overall charge will always be higher than a CRA.

For the whole 50k plus my employer contributions, there was a deduction of 100 rupees towards the fund manager.

There was no charge when I contribute. Why waste money on POP just like regular MF distributions.

Many employers and fund management companies are preferring protean though. Would be interesting to know why you’ve gone with Kfintech.

Could have chosen any of the three CRAs. Charges wise all are almost the same.
Heard about bad UI/UX and recurring website issues at Protean (formerly NSDL) while CAMS is a relatively new addition (so was unsure about them), hence went ahead with Kfintech.

Would be common with all the three websites mentioned. NSDL was atrocious. CAMS is ok. KFintech is better out of the lot.

Protean web contribution barely works . The eNPS app seem ok’ish. Workable enough to contribute. So long it works, it’s easy to direct invest and no need of POPs. No need of fancy or glamour UIs .

Contribution via HDFC pension charges 45 rupees approximately per every 5000 rupees (inclusive of GST).

If any new POP has to come up, they must show a real usecase of that 30 or so rupees towards something that can be justifiable.

What’s there of UI, unless your contribution is big. T better to go with CRA nsdl or other.

They send monthly statements and we can see total copus.

I guess NPS should include in CAS report also. It will be good.

There are thord party companies who can help fetch u NPS details and u can view in that

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Also apps like ind money gives nps details Integrated.
With new data law coming, u can be assured of privacy.

Use above like to Integrated NPS into Cas…at I’m 23, my contribution is just 1,000 or less. So CRA is better.

Chargers 10 paisa for email
And 1 rupee for physical.

I’m planning to ask my broker to enable phycial cas flag in my demat,

Cdsl charges
Rs. 0.50 per transacted BO for E-CAS and
Rs.6.00 per transacted BO for Physical CAS

I only trade in 2accounts and rest are dormant as I use them for viewing stocks and get articles and research reports.

It’s still better than spending 30 to more to take print out every month.

You can contribute via UPI. No need to open protean

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See data laws on Europe, at end it’s implementation key to best law

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Trying downloading Google data and even Amazon data.

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It is pretty easy to download all your Google/Amazon data already.

Yeah, such things are not achievable in this country at this stage.