Beware of fake social media accounts in the name of Zerodha and other popular financial services companies

:rotating_light: Beware

We’re seeing numerous cases of scamsters creating fake accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, etc., in the name of banks, brokers, and others. They are using these social media accounts to ask people to transfer to their bank accounts.

A few things to keep in mind;

Never interact with social media accounts of brands that are not verified (blue tick). When in doubt, always interact with the official customer care through phone or email.

If you see such fraudulent accounts, please report them.

If someone asks you to transfer money to a random bank account, it’s a red flag. It’s not just us; none of the financial services companies ask you to transfer money to other bank accounts.

At Zerodha, we will never:

  1. Ask you to transfer money to a bank account.
  2. Call or message asking for account-specific information.
  3. Provide advisory or portfolio management services.

The only accounts that we interact through are:

We don’t have any other accounts.

As for emails and phone, these are the only IDs and numbers that you will receive any communication from us:

If you notice any accounts in the name of “Zerodha” on Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp, Instagram, or any other social media platforms, please help us by reporting such scammy accounts.

Please do share this with your friends and ask them to be extra careful.


I think you need to change these links to redirect to instagram rather than twitter

Done. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: