Bharat 22 ETF lists on 28 Nov 2017

Bharat 22 ETF Symbol: BHARATIWIN

Allotment NAV price: 35.97


  1. The Bharat 22 ETF will be shown in your Kite holdings from 28 Nov onwards.

  2. If you are unable to add the ETF to your Kite Web marketwatch, then do a hard refresh Ctrl + Shift + R on Kite Web after which you will be able to add it.

  3. If you are unable to add the ETF to your Kite mobile marketwatch, then go to phone settings - Apps - Kite - Clear Cache, then you’ll be able to add it.

  4. If you are selling your units on listing date 28 Nov, then sell it directly from the marketwatch. Add the ETF to the marketwatch and then using the sell order window from marketwatch to sell the units.

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Can you please explain me these?

Investment Amount (in Rs.) = 5000
(A) Allotted Units = 139
(B) Purchase Price* = 35.97
(C ) Allotted amount = 4999.83
(D) Transaction charges = 0
(E ) Refund Amount = 0.17

I invested 5000 but I got only 139 shares of each 35.95.

As I am new to these, what happened to my remaining money?

Can you please explain each one in the investment, allotment, purchase etc I mentioned above.

This amount has been used to allocate 139 units to u

They will credit this remaining account back to u

The previous price as per quote is 35.97, how ever the 3% discount has not been passed on to the retail customers as it was also allotted at 35.97

The refund as per the Scheme Information Document will be initiated to your bank account as registered with your DP through RTGS/NEFT/Direct Credit/Payorder. For investments done through BSE BIMF, BSE STAR (Members), NSE MFSS & NSE e-ETF platforms, the refund is done to your brokers settlement account through exchanges, who in turn will transfer the funds to your trading/bank account, wherever applicable.

Allotted Units of BHARAT 22 ETF will be credited to investors Demat account by end of 27th November 2017 & will be listed on 28th November 2017.

I tried searching for etf bharatiwin in marketwatch but it doesnot show anything,How to add it to market watch?
In holdings there is no button to sell.

Pess ctrl + shift + R After that type BHARTIWIN


Where is 3% discount? I see no discount from my allotment.
Invested: 2,00,000 = 5560*35.97
Alloted Units: 5560
Unit Price: 35.97

35.97 is the price after discount

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Is there any option to buy bharat22 etf now ?

Yes, BHARATIWIN is symbol.

Is it worth to buy now I.e tomorrow on 29th , I am planning to put 1lks but seems Gov might come up with similar or better etf in future , any suggestions from experts here ? :slight_smile:

Only you can answer the question. Why don’t you analyse the underlying stocks and then take a call.

I bought Bharat 22 ETF worth of Rs. 30000 on IPO for 35.97 where I was allotted 834 units.
However after listing, i bought 16 more units @37.4/unit since i am planning to hold it for a longer time horizon,

The average price of Bharatiwin in my holding page, before my purchase of 16 more units (apart from earlier allotted 834 units), was displaying NA, however it showed 834 units and P/L columns. After I bought the 16 units for 37.4, the average amount became 37.4 for all the 834+16 = 850 units.

As per my knowledge of averaging, the average cost should be some where around due to averaging between 35.97 and 37.4, but it is showing 37.4 as my average price.

I tried to contact zerodha customer care number but could not get connected with any representative. I also mailed the support team and I received a mail regarding the ticket generation bt no response yet.

I am unable to understand whether it will average out or there is some kind of calculation behind this. Or was there any mistake or miscalculation or what so ever. I just want to know the reason why it has not averaged out between my issue price and my latest purchase price.?

I request someone to clarify my doubt. Please.


It looks like there is some error in the way the system is capturing the average price data when new units are added. You will receive a response from Zerodha Support to you ticket and this will be rectified.

Hi srinivas,
Thank you for your response. Today finally I got a response from abhijit ghosh from zerodha for my ticket and he responded that he will make the corrections accordingly. and yeah, as you rightly mentioned it might have been some kind of system error in capturing average price date.

Thank you

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