Bharat Bonds as Collateral - Questions

  1. How much is the hair cut for Bharat Bonds?
  2. How much is the maximum percent allowed for Bharat Bonds for total collateral - as it is not cash component and collateral component
    Eg - Total Collateral needed is 5 L - So how much maximum can be invested in Bharat Bonds after haircut and remaining in cash component
  3. What is scrip name of Bharat bonds ETF?

You can check the haircut values here.

If total margin requirement is 5 lakhs, minimum 50% of this has to come from cash or equivalent and remaining 50% can come from collateral margin.





Some brokers are offering 6% haircut for the BHARAT BOND scrip

Hi, I invested in BBETF0432 ( bharat Bond latest edition ) thinking to put it collateral and use for trading F&O. But its been more than 2 months now and this scrip is still not eligible for pledging. Any idea how much time clearing corporation takes to put it in approved list of collateral? Everytime zerdoha replies that once it will be approved by clearing corporation we can pledge…but no body gives an approximate time for the same…can anyone plzz help

Hi @ShubhS9

I am also planning to buy and put BBETF0432 as collateral . Can you please confirm that ( considering member wise limit availability)

BBETF0432 is available for pledging. Currently it hasn’t hit member-wise limit. You can check out the list here.

Thanks @ShubhS9

Hi, Is there any difference and advantages/disadvantages for investing in Bharath Bonds via Mutual Funds? (ie) Bharat Bond FOF Mutual Fund?

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