Bhavcopy and kite data discrepancy

BSE bhavcopy data for 11-Jan-2017

500325 RELIANCE A Q 1094.35 1095 1082 1084.1 1084.1 1087.1 3229 88630 96313997

NSE bhavcopy data for 11-Jan-2017

RELIANCE EQ 1095 1095.7 1084 1086.05 1084.8 1089.85 2623211 2852942523.8 11-JAN-2017 58033 INE002A01018

but charts in Kite show a completely different number. What is wrong? Can someone help in this


Historical data on Kite is adjusted to Bonus Issue happened in 2017 while BSE and NSE Bhavcopy for that particular day isn’t.

it is only for cash equity or the futures too show adjusted figures ?

F&O charts aren’t adjusted to Corporate Actions.

i see thanks that make sense…