BHEL - Big breakout with high volume

anybody has an idea whats the trigger for this move?

Almost everything will be in public domain in a couple of days, more so with well known stocks. So if you want to take a trade, there will be a lot of information.

I don’t know but my guess is, they may have got big orders, or it could be related to someone buying a stake. These could be true or just news, as you know price increases also on news, people don’t wait till it really happens.


no high volume breakout

You mean fakeout? @yolotrader

he is yolo trader for a reason

I, for once, am with @yolotrader bhai. BHEL might be headed to 75-80 levels or much higher.

Disc. : No position, but planning to add

News is in favour of this stock - PM Modi's Nuclear Power Push Gains Traction With New Plants on Way

There is nothing like real breakout in this stock . Don’t get trapped .

Are you real yolo or jst profile yolo?

Tell us your yolo trades, if any.

BHEL @ 64 now

Inched up more than 12% in a month when market is not performing that well esp mid n small caps.

Relative strength is definitely visible.

55 to 89 in 3 months :hear_no_evil:

Pretty intresting

A breakout happens when the price is released from a range that has been below a resistance level or above a support level typically for some time. A lot of traders utilise the resistance or support level as a boundary to determine entry and exit locations. A narrowing trend into the level is one of the most obvious signals of an upcoming strong breakout. The aforementioned chart demonstrates how there is growing upward purchasing pressure against the resistance level. As bulls tighten the range between the most recent low and resistance, demand is starting to outweigh supply.