BHEL - Big breakout with high volume

anybody has an idea whats the trigger for this move?

Almost everything will be in public domain in a couple of days, more so with well known stocks. So if you want to take a trade, there will be a lot of information.

I don’t know but my guess is, they may have got big orders, or it could be related to someone buying a stake. These could be true or just news, as you know price increases also on news, people don’t wait till it really happens.

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no high volume breakout

You mean fakeout? @yolotrader

he is yolo trader for a reason

I, for once, am with @yolotrader bhai. BHEL might be headed to 75-80 levels or much higher.

Disc. : No position, but planning to add

News is in favour of this stock - PM Modi's Nuclear Power Push Gains Traction With New Plants on Way

There is nothing like real breakout in this stock . Don’t get trapped .

Are you real yolo or jst profile yolo?

Tell us your yolo trades, if any.

BHEL @ 64 now

Inched up more than 12% in a month when market is not performing that well esp mid n small caps.

Relative strength is definitely visible.