BHIM UPI Mandate Revoked in bank app

Burger King IPO will be published on Dec 14 to public.
I subscribed for Burger King IPO and approved BHIM UPI request. Application number generated and forgot what end date was selected while submitting BHIM UPI Mandate.Now in BHIM UPI , its displaying Revoked under my mandate.And if check in BSE web site, UPI confirmation status is pending.What should I do now to get allotment of shares?

For IPO application to be successful, you have to accept the mandate before cut-off time, which was 12 PM on December 5th. If you haven’t accepted the mandate, there is nothing that can be done now.

Thank you Shubh…
In ICICI Bank BHIM UPI - Pending mandate Request was Active, that means mandate was accepted.
In DP - order book report its states that amount has been “Block Request accepted by client.Payment successful”.On Dec 13, previous day of public listing of Burger King IPO when I check Mandate status, it was Revoked.
When my mandate was Active, whether amount will be deducted or blocked from bank account.?

When i check in BSE alottment site, UPI payment pending.
My query is that whether my lean amount is returned back to my bank account or not as this is not reflecting in transaction history/statement.When I check with ICICI phone banking, it wont be captured in statement.

Hi Bhaskar, if you have not received the allotment for Burger King IPO, the funds should be released back in your account by mandate end date which is December 23.

If it is taking time, you can contact NPCI at [email protected] with your application number, IFSC Code and Bank account number and also get in touch with your Bank.

Hi Shubh,

i am also facing same issue and upi payment is still showing as revoked in ICICI imobile my mandate.
kindly let me know if your issue got resolved or what is status now so that i can do the same.

Ranvir, if your blocked funds haven’t been released, You can contact NPCI at [email protected] with your application number, IFSC Code, and Bank account number and also get in touch with your respective Bank.

but NPCI is not responding on mail and burger king already unblocked the amount

but in icici imobile app, its still showing as revoked

but its still not reflecting in bank account

If the amount is unblocked and released back in your bank account, then you don’t have to worry about anything.

You should get in touch with ICICI, they should be able to resolve this.

I didn’t have any issue, I’m just advising what to do and what not to do in such situations.

See, if the funds which were blocked for the IPO have been refunded back to you, you don’t have to worry.

If the funds haven’t yet been refunded or for other mandate related issues, you should get in touch with your bank.

Hi Bhasker ,

Could you please let me know how your issue got resolved from icici bank as same issue is with me in icici imobile upi payment showing as revoked and burger king has already unblocked the amount but not reflecting in my account.