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  1. Really cool summary of equity markets last year plus some predictions. But the bottomline is nobody really knows for certain how markets will react, and the assumption that long term gains in equities is a certainty should be avoided. :slight_smile:
  1. investors should be mindful that the illiquidity premium is a theory – not a law of nature – and one that has consistently been shown to be quite inconsistent.

  1. Interesting read on carried interest and how it came about to be.
  1. Is CBDC really the answer? Not really if you were to go through this article. There are lot of opinions on this, but am still uncertain how this will play out in the long run.
  1. A couple of trends for Fintech space -
  1. Big Tech had a horrible year :sweat_smile:

  1. Really nice read on the management fees structure.

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Thank you Boss, I learn a lot from the materials you provide.

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so I’m done with plans for today - a lot of reading.
thank you for sharing this information

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This is quite a nice read. :slight_smile: