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  1. Really cool summary of equity markets last year plus some predictions. But the bottomline is nobody really knows for certain how markets will react, and the assumption that long term gains in equities is a certainty should be avoided. :slight_smile:
  1. investors should be mindful that the illiquidity premium is a theory – not a law of nature – and one that has consistently been shown to be quite inconsistent.

  1. Interesting read on carried interest and how it came about to be.
  1. Is CBDC really the answer? Not really if you were to go through this article. There are lot of opinions on this, but am still uncertain how this will play out in the long run.
  1. A couple of trends for Fintech space -
  1. Big Tech had a horrible year :sweat_smile:

  1. Really nice read on the management fees structure.


Thank you Boss, I learn a lot from the materials you provide.


so I’m done with plans for today - a lot of reading.
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This is quite a nice read. :slight_smile:

  1. AI blogs all around, found these two really nice reads. The generalist article succinctly explains how ChatGPT can be a force to reckon with for Google, but also points out disrupting Google might not be easy. (Well, if you come for the King, better ensure you dont miss :slight_smile: ) The other article on how AI can help improve productivity could be misleading.
  1. Really nice read on the Adani/Hindenburg saga, the post says it all in terms of what could possibly be happening with the stock prices.
  1. Most of us don’t reorganize our view of the market on a daily basis. We have to be careful listening to exceptional operators like Tepper who transcend the investor/trader categories and who can pivot back and forth between different time frames. It’s too easy to get sidetracked by comments from people playing a different game or to waste a lot of time going down the rabbit hole on indicators that are being gamed by market participants already.

  1. Hedge fund 101,

  1. Culture clash at Financial service company - really nice insight into how M&As in finance dont really pan out they probably should.
  1. A really nice interview from John Carmack - he is essentially saying, he will work on AI not to have an easy exit but to ensure the technology reaches its maximum potential. :slight_smile:
  1. India growth story - needs infra, education push, FDI :slight_smile: Really nice read,
  1. Thinking about delegation and decision making the right way. :slight_smile:
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Really nice podcast -

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  1. A very nice read on country risk when investing. Aswath Damodaran notes some of the factors to consider when investing in countries and also points out the role of govt in the growth story.
  1. I dint know this, or probably dint pay attention. But a good piece on how stock prices can drive fundamentals :slight_smile:

  1. Demographic stats
  1. The UPI story
  1. Some of the other reads,


There were a few other reads from Friday and Saturday that I missed adding. :slight_smile:



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  1. Podcast that @Bhuvan shared with me. This was really nice, just some of the things we have seen this past year in terms of NFT, Crypto, Gamestop among other things, and all the so called 0-interest-rate-products, have been put into context. Must listen to this one. :slight_smile:
  1. Lot of debate around this, but one thing is for sure, all studies for the time being points to how useful 4 day work week are.
  1. Really nice read on risk seeking.
  1. Obviously no silver bullet for investing success - but doing simple this like the statement noted below helps.

keeping things simple and within their control, by saving, widely diversifying, and keeping costs low, while regularly rebalancing and focusing on total return—not yield alone

  1. Do stocks outperform bonds?

  1. ChatGPT and Fintech usecases. :slight_smile:

Dint realize this ^

(Bunch of startups doing this in India too, will be interesting to track this space.)


Must read - one of the shortest Berkshire annual letters :slight_smile:


  • One advantage of our publicly-traded segment is that – episodically – it becomes easy to buy pieces of wonderful businesses at wonderful prices. It’s crucial to understand that stocks often trade at truly foolish prices, both high and low. “Efficient” markets exist only in textbooks. In truth, marketable stocks and bonds are baffling, their behavior usually understandable only in retrospect.

  • The lesson for investors: The weeds wither away in significance as the flowers bloom. Over time, it takes just a few winners to work wonders. And, yes, it helps to start early and live into your 90s as well.

  • As for the future, Berkshire will always hold a boatload of cash and U.S. Treasury bills along with a wide array of businesses. We will also avoid behavior that could result in any uncomfortable cash needs at inconvenient times, including financial panics and unprecedented insurance losses. Our CEO will always be the Chief Risk Officer – a task it is irresponsible to delegate. Additionally, our future CEOs will have a significant part of their net worth in Berkshire shares, bought with their own money. And yes, our shareholders will continue to save and prosper by retaining earnings.

  • At Berkshire we hope and expect to pay much more in taxes during the next decade. We owe the country no less: America’s dynamism has made a huge contribution to whatever success Berkshire has achieved – a contribution Berkshire will always need. We count on the American Tailwind and, though it has been becalmed from time to time, its propelling force has always returned.



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Some of the podcasts from this weekend -

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