BO (bracket order) why it is completely scrapped?

is there any reason why BO is completely scrapped when it comes to Zerodha. When other brokers have enabled the same, as I personally know as in upstox, fyers, aliceblue.

Why can’t clients have a say in what they like in the platform. Pi scrapped? BO’s scrapped. Please don’t say GTT equals BO.

Zerodha stands now as too big to fail. So, it seemingly care less for it’s client. If one exits, there are thousands more.

One can say, quit complaining and move to other broker. That’s always possible.

Okay, @siva , do you have any plans for bringing BO back, or there will always be a compliance issue, as always.

Many would love BO. What’s the harm in case of zerodha?

You can check for the reason here.