BO gets split into multiple orders

BO gets split into multiple orders even though there are very high volume available for Bid or Ask at particular price.
Suppose I want to short sell a stock using BO at 101.65 and there is much bigger orders are available in Bid price

These are all done automatically at the exchange and there is nothing you can do on your side to get the Bracket Order to be filled in a single trade.

@siva my BO orders have been split into multiple orders orders execution, is there any way to combine them?

Not possible, that is how it works.

at least there should be option for bulk edit for changing SL values on such orders

We tried on this long time back but was very complicated to add,anyhow will check on this again, this will be on low priority list though.

Bracket Orders are algorithmic orders which are executed based on a logic created in the software. The logic is fairly simple: If a trade is executed, a Target and SL order is sent instantly. So if you have sent an order into the system to buy 20 lots of Nifty, and only one lot got traded, a Target and SL order is sent for that one lot. If all 20 lots get executed in one trade, then you’ll get only one Target and one SL. However, if your order gets executed in multiple trades, you’ll have multiple Target and SL orders.

This is just the way the system works for safety on a highly leveraged product. Unfortunately, nothing can be done to change this. You need to be alert while placing your orders.

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BUT , brokerage would be charged for the 1 trade only ! am I right ?

In bracket order if the order gets filled in multiple execution, then for each of the execution will be considered as a separate order and you will be charged brokerage & taxes separately for each partial fill.

The same applies for Bracket orders squared off by the RMS team.


if this is so , then , BO would be considered a costly choice for the traders brokerage plan is to pay per order executed !!! :frowning:

You can opt for Cover order in this case, here only two orders (entry and exit) will be considered even though it gets executed in multiple trades,