BO Order and Stop loss

If I short 100 share of Hindalco in BO.Suppose I short At 201Rs Then what should be my stop loss and margin required to Carry this Trade.
I evaluate this Trade on zerodha BO calculator but does meet my expectations.

In BO/CO, margin required depends on stoploss you have entered. Since it is a short trade, your SL has to be higher than 201. Check this, I have kept 202 as stoploss, you get 21 times leverage

Got it, Thanks😃

When we put Sl while buying a stock for intraday in Bo order, Which type of Sl is put in this order?
Whether it is SL TYPE OR SL-M TYPE???
Can Anyone Plz Explain It to me.

It’s SL-M…so that a trade is guaranteed once price hits the stoploss…limit orders don’t guarantee execution…thus riskier for the broker while providing high leverage as in BO

BO orders can be placed only as limit orders.Can you make a provision to place BO orders as Stop Limit orders?