BO order Not Working in Option Trading?

Hi I just Start the Trade with Zerodha and I only Trade in Option, the Range only Maximum 15000. if I BUY Call Option @ 10 and SL 7 TGT 16, But I try to Using BO then it Always Rejecting and show the Reason is Margin Exceeding, I totally get Confused Because my Stoploss Risk is Only 3000 , if also SL triggering then Automatically Square off Order Cancelled Automatically , Then Why its Rejecting.

Please Clear this

Nanba, right now the leverage given is around 35%, to buy call option at Rs 10, you will need Rs 7 in your account, if you don’t have this much it will reject saying more margin required. You can send an email to [email protected], if you need someone to call and explain.

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