Bollinger bands+RSI+RSI Average

If this feature is possible to implement then zerodha will be perfect for few like me.

1.Can add RSI Average on RSI chart, because it will help to understand cross overs which are helpful for entry and exit.

  1. Another great feature can be if we can add Bollinger band on RSI instead of price.

Both of above features are already implemented by other brokers. If this can be implemented in zerodha kite then we can place order within toggling between brokers platform.

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Yes you can do that by changing field option of that particular study

Thank you Venugopal for your response. But I am not able to find it anywhere. If you can assist with screenshot that would be helpful.

In studies select moving average
Then you get a popup as shown in image. If you donot get the popup directly. First place the MA/BB and then edit the study to get it
In the field option select the RSI. To do this you should first you should add RSI study.
same for bollinger bands

Below you can see the average line and BB on RSI

Thank you so much Venugopal for assisting me with this. It helped a lot.

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Vaibhav , this looks interesting, but I am not getting the point,. Can please share some info. So that it would be helpful

Wait you can apply indicators to indicators ?