Bonus issue of RIL

Hi All,

When can we expect credit of RIL Bonus shares ?

The allotment of bonus shares depends on the way RIL’s RTA manages the bonus issue. It could take upto 2 weeks for the bonus shares to credit to your Demat account. You’ll receive an SMS from your Depository(CDSL or NSDL) when the bonus shares are credited to your Demat.

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Thanks for the Information Bharat :slight_smile:

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Hi @BharatW

Can we go ahead and book bonus shares of RIL in Q or should we wait till the time we receive the credit confirmation of shares from CDSL?

Hi @BharatW Awaiting your revert…!!

Hey @darshank sorry missed this.

In order for your to sell your RIL bonus shares, they have to first be credited into your Demat account. Once credited, it will appear in your Kite Holdings and you can sell it.

Hi @BharatW I won’t be selling the shares. Thing is that I want Kite Holding page to reflect the correct data and hence can I go ahead and create my bonus shares holding before the shares get credited into my demat account…??