Bonus Share Castrol India

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I would like to know about the bonus share for Castrol India , record date is given as 23rd Dec 2017. Is it god to buy castrol share now , and how I will get the bonus share?


@Abhik_Chowdhury If you want to get bonus shares you have buy the shares 1 day before the ex.bonus date or ex.dividend date) for castrol is Dec 21 . So, one day before means till Dec 20 you could buy. After some days on the day of listing shares automatically credited into your demat account. However after bonus shares the price is reduced by half…

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I buy before 15 days mention the stock in account but Castrol give the bonus share or not

Certainly, it will give

Ok Castro long term atlist 6 month or 1 year any report

Not sure, past records are fluctuating. Better to Sell whenever your in good profit within 2-3 months

lycos internet limited hold stock or not coz No any dividend bonus etc

Castrol bonus not coming in a/c

If you holding for longterm then it is right choice to hold. Can give 20-30% return…

Will be credited one day before the day of listing date on exchange…

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