Bonus shares, when it shows in demat account?

I holding the stocks in my demat account from before the ex-date and now also, when the bonus shares will show in demat account.

On the effective date, securities are credited to the demat accounts of the BOs having balance on the record / book closure date based on the ratio and the ISINs mentioned by the Issuer / RTA at the time of set up of the corporate action in depository system. 7 to 15 days depends on comapny RTA.

The bonus shares will be credited to your account automatically once new ISIN number is allotted. This Bonus share has a different ISIN (International Securities Identification Number) number when compared with the existing one.

The company has to list the Bonus shares in the Stock Exchange. Once it gets listed this will get merged with the existing ISIN and the same will get reflected in your portal.

This will roughly take 1-2 Weeks. Until then you can’t sell the Bonus shares in the Exchange.

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If we sell shares on ex date/record date will get bonus shares

if u have shares on record date in ru demat, then u get bonus shares.
Else u don’t. SImple

whats if I brought 100 shares on Monday for a price 10/- and the record date is on the next day Tuesday for Bonus 1:1 , it takes T+2 days to get in to demat account. In this case we won’t we having shares in the demat that was bought on monday in the demat on the record. In this case how it works ?

Hello… If you buy before altering the price as per bonus (before ex bonus) will receive the bonus shares. As the transfer of property took place after the buy. And you are the owner for the stock. Even the t+2 has not took place…

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Thanks for the details

I bought 100 shares of company xyz. its exbonus date is 8-dec and record date is 10-Dec.
It shows now 200 shares on 8-dec. now
what happen if I sell 100 share on 8-dec.

Will I get my bonus share on 10-dec?

How long will it take to credit spilt shares in trading account??
Can anyone help