Book for intraday learning

Anyone please suggest the book for intraday trading and about false breakouts in the market with practical charts for information about false breakouts

There are many available. You just need a google search.

  1. Trading for living
  2. How to make money in intrday trading by ashwani gujral
  3. For understanding psychology behind false breakouts “Trading in the Zone” by mark douglas
  4. Technical analysis for dummies.

Would suggest to go for foreign authored books

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In fact, experience gained through time spent on screen is the best book.
However, a lot are available in youtube too.

How do you plan to escape frm false brkout .problem is in the brkout strategies …they dnt/cant work.leave them fr your own good n concentrate on the thing on which price is dependent ie vol

No strategy has 100% success rate, same goes for Breakouts. One way to avoid false breakouts is to not trade when price is close to support/ resistance.

e books download and read these ebooks


Thr are bunch of ppl in mrkt who themselves making losses bt cant resist giving out opinions … brkout strategies are bound to fail as thrs no logic in it …all so cald support n resistance lvls, one day brkout 2hr brkout created by ‘fukrey retailers’ like us are nthng bt jokes …they are easily broken whn an inst. enters n without inst, false brkouts are soo common tht u are bound to make huge losses as retail vol nt capable of giving 1:2

This looks very interesting to me… wish I finish reading all books …