Booking Profits in Options, Settlement T+1 and New Position

If I book Nifty option for Rs.100 and the next day sells it at Rs.300, I make the profit of Rs.200.
If I have tradable balance of 0, but booked the profit of Rs.200.

In this case can I utilize the same profit of Rs.200 to do any other option trading or it has to be the same Nifty option contract? or, I have to add more money in the trading account to trade because of T+1 settlement of FNO?

In other words, I buy at 10 and exit at 100. Can I immediately again place the BUY limit order of the contract at 10, even without waiting for the T+1 settlement?
Or can I utilize the same profit to buy Banknifty or any other option without waiting for T+1?

Also, What is the T+1 settlement time in the evening of the same day when the funds become withdrawable?

No, You Cannot Utilize the profit from the trade on T day as the trades get settled on T+1 Day.

And Yes Once you exit the position at 100 which was entered at 10 you will receive the initial Premium Paid in your Trading account so you can place the order at 10.

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Hey @Angel_Kaushish

The kite balance will not reflect the P&L amount. You should wait for T+1 day settlement. However, Rs 100 utilized earlier to create the position can be utilized again since you have exited the position. Further to trade more you have to add more funds.

To know more you can check on this link

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Thanks for your comments.
What time usually T+1 profits show up as withdrawable? eg. if I exited today before 3:30pm, will the settlement happen at night around midnight? or in the morning before 5 am or later? Any idea of this timings?

Since you’re buying option today and selling tomorrow. The entire premium (Rs. 300) will be added to your account. This can only be used for buying options on the same day in the same segment. You will be able to use it for all other trades from the next day.

If you’re doing intraday trade them as @KarthikAcharya mentioned, the profit will be added to your account on T+1 day.

The intraday profit will reflect in your Kite balance on next day morning itself. You will be able to withdraw this on T+1 day evening.

Thanks so much. Amazing reply!
One more question: if I bought Nifty Options at 200 and sold at 120. The loss of 80 will be there. Will we be immediately be able to trade with remaining 80 ? or this is different in case of loss?

The loss of Rs. 80 will be debited from your account. The remaining Rs. 120 can be used for taking other trades.

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