Bought 91 day Tbills was offered at 100rs per unit debited 100rs

I bought 91 day T-bills where each unit costed 100rs and my funds got debited 100rs. My understanding here is it will debited at discount like 98/97… when bought on issuance i,e through Coin here. Can you help me understanding now when redeemed how can I get my indicative interest 6.7% (or whatever)

debited or blocked? Difference will get credited back to account if blocked.

debited from zerodha funds, and same has been reflected in the easi 100 per unit

I am assuming you are taking about latest T-bill auction. Below are the issue prices

For T-bill I think full 100 is deducted and difference is refunded back by Zerodha

great thanks for sharing the details. But I dont understand why easi showing a value of 100 per unit?

Verified the holdings in zerodha, it was updated today with discount price but easi showing price as 100 itself.

In the world of UPI, everyone has started expecting everything in real time.

Some things takes time. Have patience.

nothing like that Akash_Shah, I am new to this field as easi is showing up the 100rs as value hence the confusion and raised the query over this channel as it is helpful to get information. So I guess that gives clarity to you. Moreover when one have patience then only they are ready to invest and grow. thanks

oh come-on you need not be that snarky. OP was just wondering what is happening. Probably trying for the first time

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