Bought DLF FEB 160 CE at ₹0.66 and now it's trading at ₹0.15. What to do?

Hello everyone,

My first post here.

I bought DLF FEB 160 CE (50,000) at ₹0.66 (Paid ₹ 33,000). It’s trading at ₹0.15 now.

Please help me out what to do now? Also suggest some tips for option trading. How to choose stocks? Any strategy?

hello trader,

Seems like you have entered a trade without an exit plan.

Considering you have made the entry on your own, Time to take on some responsibility and make an exit decision yourself.

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I’m going to take an exit decision myself but I seek expert’s advice here like what happens to options in last 3 days of expiry.

Price becomes 0. You lose everything. Square off your position. read about options trading from Zerodha varsity.

@Ankit7 Options can entice you to gamble recklessly. It looks like a simple product, but in reality it is a pretty complicated one. I’d advice you to figure Options trading dynamics before venturing into options trading. You will find all the material here -