Bought relianepp

I have purchased shares of reliancepp, will it be possible to convert it in full shares as co.may demand 2md & 3rd instalment when they need

You cannot directly convert them to fully paid shares, you will have to make the payments whenever Reliance makes the demand, once all the installments are completed these will be converted to fully paid shares.

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You may kindly guide why you need to make it fully paid now when as a partly paid share , it is in regular trading with huge volumes . moreover you can not make a share fully paid unless company make the demand for balance amount …some other PP share regulatory traded in market are Tata steel , Aditya birla fashions and future case will be Moldtek packaging share and warrants .

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Actually co.may demand around 1500 (allotment & call money) next year or when they need I read next year so may be so I should have tht amount of profit to adjust with fully paid up amount i bought reliancepp @1150

Agree as and when company demands the call money you should have funds with you that time but please note that enough time will be given for this with advance intimation . …moreover you have option to sell partly paid share before this call is made and for this too you will get notice in advance that from this date pp will stop trading or so .