BPCL buying price and settled price

I bought 1 lot of (1800) F&O of BPCL on 14 September @ 499 per share .
But due to dividend of rs 58 my average price (buying price ) was settled to 433.
So this gap of amount (1800* 58 = 108000) will be credited in my account or how it is settled ?

You don’t get this amount. Holders of Futures and Options contracts are not eligible for dividends. As BPCL has declared dividend which is > 5% of the market price of the stock, it is considered as an extraordinary dividend.

So on the ex-date, the price of F&O contracts is adjusted. The adjustments are carried out in such a way that the value of the position of the market participants, on the cum and ex-dates for the corporate action continues to remain the same as far as possible. You can check out this example of REC for more information: Adjustment of F&O contracts in REC Limited

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You are only eligible for dividends if you are share holder and you’ll not be eligible to participate in any corporate events when you are a contract holder.

Unfortunately it wont be credited to your account as you are not a shareholder but just a Future contract holder. When there is a extraordinary dividend (>5%) your need to be very cautious and exit your positions before ex-date.