BPCL dividend credit date

Hi, does anybody when is BPCL going to credit the ₹58 dividend declared for investors? The ex-date was 16 Sep’21.

Also is there a way for investors to check their name in the list prepared as of the record date?
Thanks in advance



If you bought the stocks before the ex-date, or if you sold them on the ex-date. You will be eligible for dividends in both cases.

You can find the details of the ex-date and record date on the NSE / BSE website.

The dividend payout is usually 30-45 days after the record date. If you are entitled to dividends but have yet to receive them, you should contact the company’s registrar.

You can refer to the BPCL website for RTA details.

Read more about dividend issues here.

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Thanks both of you. This helps.